The 20's, 60's and time period pieces all in one place may not give or show much, but it is a great environment where we can all belong to our old life. It is a beauty in its own simplicity as it highlights the particular era in which each and everyone grew up. The 20's and 60's period are eras where the Hippie, Gatsby and Party lovers all had a way of belonging together. World Class Costumes has found a way of bringing back the feel of different eras, different shapes and times where so many forgotten arts and designs were in vogue and almost everybody had a sect they belonged to. So why not embrace the era that embraced you by giving World Class a chance to satisfy you.We live in a time when almost every silhouette is represented somewhere in the marketplace, so why not take full advantage of our online catalog and experience the streamlined looks of the 20s and sleek silhouettes,those eras that would have people strapping down so many body parts. The era of the 20's,40s, 50s and 70s are periods where people in their own entirety went all out to develop their own look and glam. So many people would look at images and enjoy the feel of how the 20's, 60's period made them feel.

Like anything, World Class Costumes is here to make you feel free and know that dressing is about self-expression and rule-breaking, and if one era expresses who you are or just how you're feeling on a particular day go for it! We have all you need to fit your taste everyday, just fancy your chances with our taste for excellent designs and superb costumes.

Oldies Time Periods

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