Ladies Licensed Costumes

Isn’t she lovely? Every woman has fantasies of being someone else for a while, and we have a large selection of women’s costumes to help make that happen for you! Whatever your tastes or size, we have something that you will love. Who are you in the mood to be? Perhaps a traditional witchy witch or maybe a sexy sorceress? A princess, pirate, ghost, or your favorite movie character? Whatever you want, we have it available in both regular and plus sizes at World Class Costumes.


Transform Into Anything You Want!


Welcome to our wardrobe of Ladies Licensed Costumes. Ladies, here you’ll find everything you need to be transformed into anything you want to be: enchanting witches, fearless superheroes, Disney princesses and colorful clowns. Whether you’re looking for a hen do costume or celebrating St Patrick’s Day, you’ll find everything you need from the essentials right through to those all-important accessories! Some of our best-selling women's fancy dress costumes are from famous movies such as the Officially Licensed Grease Pink Ladies Jacket. How about becoming a fantastically bad villain in this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume? You can look sexy and be evil at the same time. We've got pirates and fairytale characters perfect to celebrate World Book Day, and an abundance of women's Halloween costumes. Dress in sexy ladies' costumes with our women's uniforms, including sultry nurses, police officers, and convicts, sure to draw some attention without hurting your pocket! Our collection has fancy dress ideas for women on every budget, size, and style.

Popular Licenses for Ladies

Going to the movies is fun but make it even more fun dressed up in costume! Transform into a superhero from Marvel or DC comics. Go to a galaxy far, far away with our Star Wars collection. A Classic Princess Leia bikini outfit is always a hit, but Rey is wildly popular now too! Fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming your favorite Disney Princess. Choose from a wide variety of characters from your favorite movies and television shows!


A trendy costume is always a good choice for anyone but some of the most popular outfits are the classic ones! They look great and are timeless. Costumes like the 20’s flapper dress, spooky witch, and groovy disco chick will always be great choices! Make any costume fun and sexy with some added flair and accessories! Don’t forget animals make adorable costumes too so check out this cute bee outfit! You’ll be buzzing around the Halloween party and having a blast!

You Can't Go Wrong With a Licensed Costume

Transform into one of your favorite characters or superheroes with our officially licensed costumes! Check out our licensed Wonder Woman or Cat Woman collections to show off your strength and power. Get sassy and tough as Harley Quinn. Travel to the outer rim of space as Rey from Star Wars. Save Wakanda dressed in our Black Panther costumes. Bring to life your childhood favorites with our Disney, Pixar, and Super Mario costumes!


Not all girls need to play by the rules—the Pink Ladies from the classic film, Grease, certainly don't! They're a gang of girls who are twice as tough as their rowdy male counterparts, the Thunderbirds. Now, you can become an official member of the all-girl gang. Our Pink Ladies jacket lets you play the role of Sandy, Rizzo or Frenchy with ease. You'll have Danny Zuko and his crew whipped into shape when you coordinate your Halloween outfit by using one of our many licensed character wigs from the movie to complete your look.

Affordable and Exquisite

Browse through our fine selections and find high-quality merchandise for a fraction of the price! Act quickly because our clearance inventory flies off the shelf and when it’s gone, it’s gone forever! Save money without sacrificing your Halloween look!


With the largest selection online of exclusive Halloween costumes for women, it can be a pretty big task to search through all of them just to find the perfect outfit. We have many great women's costumes from classic movies as well as designs based on various fairytales and storybooks. So, what's a girl to do, right? From baseball costumes licensed from A League of Their Own to classic Alice in Wonderland women's costumes, we’ve got the unique products you’ve been waiting for!

Something For Your Group!


Get your friends together for some fun group costumes! Order princess costumes for all your lady friends or have everyone dress as a different Star Wars character, Marvel superhero, or Alice in Wonderland character. Be a captain to a crew of pirates, coach to a football team, or queen bee to a hive. Go to your Halloween party as a fruit salad—apple, strawberry, blueberry, and banana are just a few choices. We have many options for a coven of witches, a horde of zombies, or a brood of vampires. Check out the endless choices for couples and groups!


For family ideas, dress as a family of bears, farm animals, or characters from the Wizard of Oz. Choose from a bunch of adorable Minion costumes from the Despicable Me movies. Or is your family full of superheroes? Make Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Incredible while your kids can be Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Princesses and princes, knights and ladies, superheroes and villains, or a cast of video game characters—we have it all at World Class Costumes.


Ladies Licensed Costumes

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