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Looking for some big top fun? Step right up and see our wonderful, world-wide wonderous circus costumes! We've got so many circus costume ideas right here you can almost hear the crowd cheering already. The main attraction, of course, is our circus ringmaster costume, with authentic details in sizes from kids to adults. If you're looking to get wild in the spotlight try our lion tamer costume. Let's all go to the circus!


When the circus comes rolling into town, it's difficult not to get excited. That imagination of yours starts running wild while picturing all the different performances that could take place under the big top—the lights, crowds, animals, and outfits, nothing compares. Capture the fun for yourself with circus-themed costumes! Let your toddler run the show in a ringmaster costume or give the baby of the family top credits with animal costumes like this lovable lion. Tap into the tradition of sideshows with a strongman outfit or keep everyone laughing as a charming clown. No matter if you're dressing a group for Halloween or putting on a show in your living room, we have the exclusive costumes and decorations at World Class Costumes  to bring it all to life!

Need Group Circus Costumes?

If you’re planning on putting together a circus, with the rambunctious cast of characters that live in your home or that you call friends, you’ll want to start with a good costume. Okay, you might want to ask everyone what role they want to play first. Too many excited elephants and not enough handlers could get messy! But once you have your ideas together, we're the place to find all the flashy ensembles for each member of your circus family.


Our clowns and circus fancy dress theme works brilliantly for an entertaining birthday party, devoted movie night, exciting festival event or even something different for Halloween! And if you’re looking for your little one too, we have a brilliant range children’s circus fancy dress options for a super cute twinning opportunity!


Costumes come accessorized with wigs, masks, collars — most of the trappings to compete the look shown in the product shot. But in some cases you may have to invest in a pair of clown shoes as well: they're guaranteed to fit all but the most humongous dogs, in which case they're probably not needed. So get dressed for your night out at the circus, or the psycho ward, or wherever else your character belongs. The rest of us will take a seat, open a bag of peanuts, and enjoy the exhibition.

Some Clown Costume Ideas For You

In the world of entertainment, the clown’s history is as storied and rich as any other character. Whether good or bad, happy or sad, clowns personify the range of human emotion in one singular disguise. Since the dawn of theater, clowns have been portrayed as the lovable fool to the sinister soul and everything in between. Here at World Class Costumes, we have everything you need to turn that frown upside down and transform yourself into whichever prankster persona fits your style. From classic to creepy, quirky to rainbow, these amazing costumes will let you take center stage and steal the show.




Which Type of Clown Are You?

Oh so creepy!

For the love of Bozo, do NOT send in this clown. The Monster Collection Adult Creepy Clown Morphsuit is the perfect costume to scare the bejeezus out of pretty much anyone. This costume comes with the full-body jumpsuit and a zippered back closure.

Hey There Circus!

Come one, come all! Clowns offer valuable vignettes of laughs and entertainment while the other circus performers prepare the next act. With the Big Top Clown Adult Costume, you can, too! It comes with colorful patched top, red collar and striped baggy pants. It's sure to make you the life of the party.

Give Me Some Classic!

Dressed to the 9’s and feelin’ fine! The Clown on the Town Adult Costume comes complete with baggy pants, top hat and tails, and it is just the costume for the fancier fool. There’s even a bow tie for those who wish to make a funny first impression.

Rainbow At Last!

Those who say clowning is best left to adults have not seen this colorful costume. The amusing Kids Crazy Color Clown Costume comes with a multi-colored dress, footless tights and mini hat. Better buy some shades, too, because this costume will have you shining bright.

Something Quirky?

Step right this way, boys and girls! The Female Clown Adult Costume is bold and super fun. This costume comes with the satin dress, tall striped stockings, tiny hat, bloomers and kooky bow tie to perfectly capture the fun-natured prankster within.

The Toddler Clown

Whoever said clowns are scary clearly hasn’t seen this costume. The Clown Girl Toddler Costume is silly, sweet and totally adorable. It comes complete with the polka-dotted dress, red bloomers and hat. When this little lady takes the stage, there will be smiles all around.


Be The Best Dressed!


Roll up, roll up to be the best dressed clown around with our brilliant clowns and circus theme fancy dress. Whether you want to be a ringmaster, Mime artist, Strongman or just play the fool, our range of big top inspired adult costumes suits a whole host of requirements. For anyone who loves The Greatest Showman, we have a brilliant array of circus fancy dress ideas and outfits influenced by the hit movie, alongside a fab and fun mix of bright and bold, rainbow coloured and sequin adorned outfits and accessories to suit both men and women.


From full head to toe getups to mini hats and clown shoes, we have selected a show-stopping array of ideas to suit all budgets and themes. We even have animal costumes for those who prefer to go wild! Whatever your chosen role, we’ve made it a cinch to pick up playful apparel ready for your performance and with face paint, wigs and hosiery available too, you’ll have a complete look in a flash.


Circus Mens

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