Indeed being a maid is a lot of hard work! Making a bed that doesn't belong to you, scrubbing floors, and disinfecting toilets would be overwhelming for most, but not French maids. Maybe they are able to complete these humdrum tasks with such ease because they know they look good while they're doing it. French maids are very stylish. They are always wearing black and white with lace detailing and six inch high heels. Any woman who can clean an entire house while wearing fishnet stockings and stilettos is very talented and quite a catch, so it is easy to see why so many women want to dress up as a Maid.


This year, impress your man and party guests when you don the signature white and black lace outfit. You don't have to clean anything, of course, so you really get the best of both worlds. The sexy uniforms come in sizes ranges from extra small to plus size so you have tons of sexy outfits to pick from. You can accessorize your costume with some seductive black fishnet tight, stockings with attached bows, and cute feather dusters. You'll be set to ruffle a few feathers once you are dressed as a sexy French maid!




Our fabulous collection of Maid costumes are very stylish and perfect for your next dress up outfit. Being a maid is no easy feat. Ensuring you dust all corners of the house, doing the laundry, and how can we forget the bed making. No one does these mundane tasks better than a French Maid whilst looking fab! Typified by a black and white uniform, with fishnet tights and high heels and a feather duster prop, we have all that you need to make your French Maid outfit a success. Worldclass costumes stock quite a variety of maid outfits, including our sexy French maids, naughty maids and of course plus size French maid costumes.




What’s the best part about a Halloween party? All the dancing, all the games, or all the dancing? It’s really hard to decide on the best part but the worst part of the party is pretty easy to agree on. It is without a doubt the clean-up! Well, now it’s time to add a little fun to cleaning. Toss on one of our Maid costumes and clean up your act a little bit this Halloween.


Now all you need to do in order to complete any of our Miads costumes is grab a pair of black high-heels and some fishnet stockings or thigh highs. Once you have all the perfect finishing touches for this costume, you’ll be ready for the party and the clean-up this Halloween. Change up the Halloween traditions this time around with some good “clean” fun. Maybe you can even integrate some cleaning into your dance moves! Tell everyone to pop, locking and mop it or to dust a room rather than to bust a move. We’re sure you’re squeaky clean moves will be a crowd favorite!


Dress to impress with our alluring collection of French Maid costumes for women. They're great for Halloween, a themed fancy dress party or any other celebration you're attending where you have to look your best. Traditional French maid outfits have long been associated with being seductive and sexy and you're destined to look the part with the selection we have on offer. So pick out your feather duster and long lace stockings with us! Get the authentic French maid look for less with our Flirty French Maid Outfit, or go all out with a Deluxe Maid to Order Costume. And don't forget the accessories! A feather duster, suspenders and long fake eyelashes go hand in hand with the alluring French maid costume look.




Are you looking for the perfect Halloween costume that will make you appear to be a little bit scandalous and a little bit subservient? Well, you’re in the right place because we are certain that a plus size French maid costume is exactly what you need. Our entire supply of maid costumes for plus size ladies will definitely flatter your full figure and accentuate the curves you want to show off. Browse over this section and pick out the maid Halloween costume that will not only motivate you to clean out that dusty coat closet you’ve ignored all winter, but it will also urge you to get out there and mingle. You’ll be the most popular maid by the end up the night and we have a feeling that your phone will be ringing off the hook with new clients by morning!


When thinking about accessories to accentuate your French maid outfit, the first thing that probably pops into your brain is probably something that’s a little well, drab. You’re most likely thinking about bleach, a dirty mop, or even those squishy yellow gloves… but think again! All of our French maid costume accessories are far from dull and dingy. On the contrary, all of these accessories are sparkly, feminine, and they add some extra pizzazz to your maid costume. Check them out so you can decide if your ensemble needs one (or all) of these extra frills!


There's a lot to be done in the big house. There are surfaces to be dusted, floors to be washed, and meals to serve. So you'll want to make sure that you're dressed for the job! Whether your look of choice is a traditional Edwardian maid dress or you prefer a slinky modern style, you'll find both maid costumes and accessories in this catalog. When you dress in the right uniform, all that dusting and sweeping is a lot more fun!


Shop our Maid collection at great prices with fast shipping, and you will save a lot money with affordable prices. Worldclass costumes allows you to get the best Maid costumes for Halloween, parties or just plain dress up for role  plays. What are you waiting for? Shop with us today!



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