Yes! You know who you are--you're just an animal--at least at heart, anyway. If you are looking for the perfect Men's animal costume to bring out your inner beast this Halloween (or for many other appropriate occasions and there's likely many!) you've come to the right place. Animal looks are fun for a lot of reasons and we have a wide range of animal looks that have been created that will fit the bill perfectly.


What’s Your Inner Animal Power?


Everyone has an inner power animal hidden inside. Which one is yours? Are you a monkey, swinging from tree to tree in search of adventure? Are you a frog on a log, just chilling and waiting for his dinner to fly by? Are you a dog, loyal to the end? Are you a cute little lady bug looking for love? Or maybe, your power animal is a giant, slobbering dinosaur: the apex predator of the universe, which eats lions, tigers and bears for breakfast and tramples through the jungle like a terrifying force of nature! Well, whatever you claim to be your inner animal, you can start acting like it with one of our animal costumes for adults. We won’t judge, we swear.


Transform Yourself!


Tired of being a human? Well, our animal costumes and animal fancy dress are here to transform you into the species of your choice! We have a huge collection of costumes and outfits for adults and kids, so men, women, boys and girls can all join the party. Our range at World Class Costume features some of the best farm animal costumes, zoo animal costumes and even jungle animal costumes. If you were stuck for animal fancy dress ideas and animal costume ideas, you can finally relax now and stick your paws up! So, even if you're an adult or one of the kids, we think it's time to release your inner child!


Head into the wild fancy dress jungle in our range of Mens Animal Costumes. Whether you're looking to attend a zoo party or a safari themed gathering, we'll have something for you. Dinosaurs are all the pre-historic rage at the moment, and the Inflatable T-Rex is a great mens animal outfit that is sure to bring plenty of laughs! This Dino Step In gives off a great illusion that works for both animal and caveman themed shindigs. We've got everything from cats, dogs, monkeys, lions, reindeers, rabbits and penguins! Look like you've escaped the farm in this Novelty Yellow Chicken Suit or star in your very own tale as the Big Bad Werewolf - just remember to hide the evidence of an eaten Grandma! With affordable costumes for pantomimes and charity fundraisers, and higher priced Mascot style costumes, we have a wide range to suit all budgets.





We’ve Got All You Need!


You always were a beast! Animal costumes for men are the go to choice for Halloween costumes this year! World Class Costume has a menagerie of male animal costumes for you to choose from!


We’ve got all the aforementioned animals in their costume form, but we also have plenty of styles and fits, so you can find just the right look to unleash the party animal inside you. From plus size, to small and sexy to conservative, these costumes can accommodate just about any body type and intention. Whether you want to be a sexy deer in headlights, or a wacky crocodile, we’re confident you can find the animal costume that you’re looking for…unless you want to be an ancient psychic tandem war elephant.


Cute and cuddly? We've got it. Wild and ferocious? We've got that, too. Downright silly? You know it, brother, we've got all that, plus more in our huge animal costume selection and probably many, many more that you might not even have considered for your animal dress up adventures. Being an animal isn't going to be difficult at all; the tricky part may be trying to narrow down your choices to just one. Lions, Tigers, Bears, Bunnies, Birds, Dogs, Frogs, Gorillas and even Barney the Purple Dinosaur have found their way straight out of the zoo and right into our eclectic collection of crazy animal costumes. Get out of the doghouse, go ape, be cranky as a bear, be free as a bird or simply be the cats meow--you get the idea.


Want Something For Halloween?


Halloween is often about turning into amazing monsters and strange beings. But, the world is filled with fantastic real creatures of all shapes and sizes, too! Bring your favorites to life with our animal costumes. We have plus size animal costumes for adults and a purr-fectly astonishing selection of women's animal Halloween costumes, ranging from the ferocious felines to stunning sharks. What's your favorite animal today!?


Do you feel like taking a walk on the wild side this Halloween? If so, you’ll love suiting up in any of our animal costumes! Just think of your favorite animal and chances are that we have the perfect costume for you. We sell a wide variety of exotic animal outfits for the whole family. Our lion costume for adults will have the alpha male in your house feeling as ferocious as possible, while women might be more attracted to fox costumes because of the fun faux fur tail. The little ones in your family will love making their favorite animal noises while they’re suited up in their animal onesies for kids. It will be like you’re bringing Old MacDonald’s famous farm to life! Whether your little tyke wants to be outfitted in one of our cute chicken costumes for kids or an adorable puppy costume for toddlers, we have animal costumes that will transform your child into the creature of their dreams.




Or Even Farm Animal Costumes

Farm animals are not only adorable, but they also are very helpful to us. If your child loves making animal noises and they’re a particular fan of the classic song, “Old MacDonald,” then a barnyard animal costume is the perfect option. Outfit your little one in any of these cute and comfy farm animal costumes for toddlers and kids because they'll love looking like the barnyard critter they like best!


Buying Animals Costume Adults with great prices online? Think World Class Costumes! From great finds coming from competent sellers to the 100% authentic products for you, World Class Costumes always aims to give you everything you want.


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