Sexy Hippie GOGO Girl

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Sexy Hippie GOGO Girl Costume

The sixties will always be known as the decade of youth, largely because during this time period, the post-war baby boomers were growing up and becoming teenagers. These teenagers were shunning the ultra-conservative values of the 1950s and taking their lives in a bit of a different direction. This generation of teenagers wanted (and got) changes in education, lifestyle, music as well as other forms of entertainment, making the 1960's a time of great social and social change. Hippies, a term often used to describe the somewhat rebellious, activist young people prevalent during this time period of the "60"s turning from the traditional ways of their parents and society at large."Peace, love and rock and roll" was the battle cry of the day. Relive all that moment with this sexy 2 PC heart prints with keyhole front design dress.


Heart prints gogo dress


hand wash

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