It is Friday, and it is the thirteenth. The graves are empty, and the undead have mixed with the living.

What more can we do but run?

It is time for the Zombies, and we all can agree they also deserve to look good, don't they? Get your Day of the Dead Costumes from World Class Costumes today.

We specialize in fitting vibrant and exciting costumes for each and every one of our customers. Telling a story purely through appearance, our Day of the Dead dresses are perfect for costume parties, plays, Halloween themed shows or simply trying to mix with the zombies around us. We guarantee you will fit in.

With years of experience in the art of designing, it has always been a fascination of ours to bring fictional characters to reality, and we have done this with quality beautiful and long lasting fabrics to keep you comfortable no matter how long you wear them. To have you show up as one of the best dressed in all kinds of occasions and to, err...blend in when the day of the dead finally arrives.

With quality being the watchword, our Day of the Dead costumes are fashioned from the finest fabric found in the depth of the undead, and the living. And they are also perfectly decorated and enamored for that elegant touch to keep you drop dead gorgeous.... No pun intended.

Browse through our catalogue of beautiful and quality Day of the Dead dresses and stand out from the crowd. We make them perfectly to fit you.

The day of the dead is coming.... Will you run or blend in? You decide.

Day Of The Dead

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