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4 Must-Try 'Top Gun' Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for When You Feel the Need for Speed

by Elizabeth Imchen 15 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Your must-check cheat sheet to dress like Maverick, Rooster, Goose, Penny, Charlie and anyone else on your flight crew.

Top Gun is every cinema lover’s action-packed, adventurous streak seasoned with drool-worthy heroic figures one cannot resist. 

Owing to its impressive popularity, it is impossible to forget the impression this movie made. It’s so good that we cannot let it remain a part of our memory. Are you a top gun die-hard fan and want to recreate the look this Halloween? If you feel the need for speed, suit up in this Top Gun: Maverick flight costume for women and men. 

Set up your GPS for the Danger Zone, and get ready to pull over the oh-so they're-glistening Top Gun Halloween costume ideas like a pro. Whether you're a true fan of the original Top Gun or a new convert to Top Gun: Maverick, the outfits are mostly the same, comprising the military flight suits, flair like patches and sunglasses, and swagger. 

Whether you're on team Maverick or a Goose (or Rooster) and you're looking to suit up, check out these Top Gun Halloween costume ideas.

Basic Top Gun Halloween Costume

Back to basics? Try the Top Gun ensemble.

For those who are looking forward to re-create Top Gun costume, you can turn to worldclasscostumes to get the perfect Top Gun look. Whether you are aiming to be a legacy character, like Maverick, Goose, or Ice Man, or a newer character on the block like Rooster, Phoenix or Hangman, all you need is a flight suit. From there, you can look forward to completing the look with needed accessories, patches, fake facial hair, and anything else you'd need so that the costume make sense and well-align with a certain character.

Top Gun Couples Costume

Penny who?

When talk about a Top Gun couple's costume, you can’t really have a conversation until you discuss Maverick and Goose. Come to think of it; maybe you want to get your own little Rooster into the mix, and make it a family costume? No matter what combo you have on your mind, you'll need one and yet the most important thing: more flight suits in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Of course, if you want to be Penny Benjamin (played by Jennifer Connelly), just think of an outfit that is a perfect coastal grandmother chic: a nautical blue cable-knit sweater, white pants, low-top sneakers, and wrap it with a brown moto jacket or bomber jacket. 

Top Gun Goose and Rooster Costume

Too soon?

While it’s not rocket science to be a Maverick, though, it requires a some-special skill set to slay as the ultimate wingman, the Goose to Maverick's gander. Also, Goose has so many unforgettable looks. You can take the natural and simple route by donning a flight suit. If you're looking to add a bit of casual panache, you can opt for a Hawaiian shirt. 

Top Gun Charlie Blackwood (Kelly McGillis) Costume

If you're a real OG, you know that Charlie is where it's at.

To nail this perfect mix of confident, tough, and cool, you'll just need to bring a classic bomber jacket, or a white blouse, or a pencil skirt to the style table. Complete the look with a black clutch and black stockings. 

The Bottom Line

Are you head over heels for Top Gun-inspired costumes and looking forward to trying them? This Halloween is your reason to nail it just the way you’ve wanted! To shop for Top gun costumes or Freddy Krueger hat.

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