Stitch Kitty Ears

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Who doesn't love kittens? Even those who claim not to be a cat person or a fan of pets have a tough time denying the cute and cuddliness of those little fur balls running around. Since you are one of the biggest cat fanatics around, it would just be ridiculous to think that you wouldn't show off your love for feline kind everywhere this Halloween with a kitten costume. Don"t be afraid to be a bit catty with a little hint of sass behind every remark. After all, the furry little prince and princesses walking around our homes get away with it all day, every day. Granted that may be because of their cute little features like paws and tales, and, of course, the pair of soft pointy peaks atop their heads. Now with this Stitch Kitty Ear Headband, you can have a set of fluffy ears on your head as well and get away with acting as catty as possible! Cat costumes are awesome because you can go all out with a full-body suit or with just a handful of accessories your outfit could easily make a "fantastic" transformation. So whether you go with the jumpsuit or just have a few add-ons for your outfit, make sure you grab this Kitty Ear Headband for the perfect touch of sass to your costume. Features 100% Polyurethane faux leather Cute Kitty headband Perfect for Cat Woman Hand wash

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