Pegasus Headband

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Pegasus Headband

The mighty winged horse, Pegasus, is one of the most popular legends from Greek mythology. He may have come from the evil Medusa but he joined the light side of the world and carried heroes like Bellerophon and Perseus while they worked to complete their quests. He even carried Zeus's thunderbolts! We're betting that much static left his mane an absolute mess!

He is also a fantastic symbol of freedom with his majestic wings outstretched. Tap into that freedom with this Pegasus Headband featuring the very wings of this equestrian majesty. These subtle additions to your Greek costume will perfect that Goddess hairstyle or you could wear it with wild hair for a wood nymph costume. They're always getting up to mischief and doing whatever they want. No matter what you decide, nobody's going to be able to clip your wings! In fact, the muses just might write a song about you.


Great for the fleet messenger God Hermes or the God of love Cupid.

100% Metal

Hand Wash

Gold-tone metal headband with 4-inch filigree wing on each side

Onesize fits most

Headband only

Maximum quantity available reached.

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