Magic Wizard Costume

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  Magic Wizard Costume

You know, we got an e-mail(or10) from Merlin the other day, expressing his grief that many people these days seem to incorrectly think that a certain young wizard(who shall not be named) practically invented the genre of magical literature. Don't worry, Merlin, we got ya.

Long before a certain bespectacled boy discovered his wizard robes, Merlin here practically wrote the spellbook on how to be a fabulous and famous wizard. Merlin, too, was a boy prophet who grew into a skilled wizard in his own right, and he is best known for advising the famed young hero King Arthur(sound familiar?) We think Merlin is pretty powerful, and spend at least an hour a day dressed in his robes, hoping to inspire in ourselves his bravery, wisdom, and beard. While we"re no longer in the business of pulling swords from stones(we gave it up a few years ago when we discovered Cross Fit), we still love these timeless wizard robes that remind us of the Long history of magic. In short, wearing this Magic Wizard Costume makes us feel like a wizard hipster; Merlin was rocking wizardry before being a wizard was cool. (Did we mention the beard?)



The product comes complete with Robe, Belt, Hat and Wand

The product did not include Shoes

Made with 100% Polyester Featuring: resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion-resistant

Cloak features star and moon motifs

Rich purple velour cloak with silver sequined trimming

Maximum quantity available reached.

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