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Spring has sprung, and now you can get wonderful Easter Costumes to help spread some fresh feelings and colorful treats! Whether you're dressing as a big happy bunny for Halloween, want to find a religious costume for the Easter celebration, or more, this collection has exactly what you need, all for affordable prices at World Class Costumes!


It’s no secret why everyone loves celebrating Easter. This holiday offers plenty for everyone to enjoy: festive outdoor adventures, nature, and even a cute fluffy giant bunny that’s got plenty of games for the kids to play. And for those of a religious persuasion, Easter is a time of reflection and celebration on their relationship with the Lord. If you fall into the former category then be sure to pick up one of our amazing Easter Bunny costumes chosen from an extensive collection that features costumes for children or adults.


When Easter arrives, you know the Easter Bunny is about to make an appearance. Of course, the best way to make sure he comes is for you to get one of our Easter Bunny costumes! With sizes and styles for all ages, one of our Easter costumes is sure to be just the thing to ensure a ton of Easter fun. Find yourself a fun bunny suit this Easter for a good time!

Men, Ladies and Your Cute Little One!


To be religiously traditional, dress like Jesus Christ, available in both men's and kids' sizes. Or perhaps you’d like to be his father Joseph instead. Ladies can dress up as Jesus’s miraculously mother in our Virgin Mary costume, also available in smaller sizes for girls.


Have a bit of fun in one of our many Easter Bunny costumes. There’s nothing traditional about our ladies Easter costumes! Check out our cheeky range of women's bunny outfits for a special Easter surprise this year. And we haven’t forgotten your little angel with adorable baby angel costumes too.

Hunt for Easter Eggs In The Best Bunny Outfits


Every year, the Easter Bunny lays millions of chocolate eggs to give to kids all over the world. You might not believe it, but that really is where Easter eggs come from. And what could be a better way to celebrate than by dressing up in a bunny suit of your very own for the Easter egg hunt. It's the best way to bring this mythical creature to life for your Easter festivities.


Use your new festive look to set up an Easter egg hunting that will have the kids laughing all day long. We also have religious outfits available to celebrate Easter’s spiritual significance featuring major figures such as Joseph and Mary, as well as Shepherd ensembles and even Roman apparel that will make putting on a live performance so easy it’ll be hard not to.


No matter what you're planning to do this Easter, we have all the Easter costume ideas and accessories you need to make this year special right here at World Class Costumes. Whether you're planning to celebrate a religious holiday or if you're just in it for the chocolate, we're here to support you and supply whatever costumes you need.

Need Some Happy Easter Costume Ideas?

Easter is a joyous time of year when children hunt for candy-filled colored eggs, Mother Nature sprouts new life everywhere you look, and sugary Peeps dominate grocery-store shelves. The holiday also offers plenty of dress-up opportunities, and World Class Costumes has Easter outfits so you and your family can be prepared. Whether you need an Easter Bunny costume to sport at the city’s annual Easter egg hunt, an adorable outfit for your baby’s first Easter, a religious ensemble for a role in the church’s Easter production, or just a fun costume to celebrate the joyous holiday, you can find the perfect Easter look here.

Everything Bunny!

Easter is the only time of year that the magical Easter Bunny makes an appearance with his collection of colorful eggs filled with sweet treats and surprises for all the little boys and girls. Thanks to World Class Costumes, your family doesn’t have to wait around for the elusive Easter Bunny to hop into your home and hide some eggs. With a variety of Easter Bunny costumes available for all shapes and sizes, anyone in your family can be the Easter Bunny this year. With outfits like the lush Bunny Infant Costume and Rabbit Toddler Child Costume, even the little ones can dress as the holiday’s signature animal.


Are you looking to make this Easter a 'hoppy' one? Paint eggs, go on a hunt, and devour some chocolate all while looking like Peter Cottontail. He is the best dressed bunny around and we can help make you look exactly like the radiant rabbit. No matter what type of bunny budget you are on, we have a costume that's perfect for you. Whether you are willing to drop a lot of dough or just some, we have a bevy of bunny costumes that'll have you looking 'egg-excellent.'


What if you took away a bunny's twitchy pink nose, round fuzzy tail, and adorable little paws? You basically just have a ball of fluff. It's a very cute ball of fluff, however, but still just a ball of fluff. In order to be a full-fledged rabbit you need ears, paws, and a tail. Make sure you add these accessories if you want to dress up as a successful Easter Bunny.


Celebrate Easter in style with our fantastic range of Easter fancy dress. Here you will find everything you need, for children and adults alike, helping you to dress up as your favourite springtime animal. We have cute children's lamb and white rabbit costumes, perfect for little ones who love to dress up, chicken costumes for adults and even a Jesus costume!


If a full costume isn't for you we also have a great range of fancy dress accessories including bunny ears helping you to incorporate the lovely Easter theme with your favorite springtime or summer outfit instead all at World Class Costumes!


Happy Easter

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