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Selecting the Best Holiday Pet Costume: All About Pet Wear!

by Elizabeth Imchen 17 Aug 2022 0 Comments
Many believe that the best time for pet shopping is winter. However, there is more to pet clothing than protecting them from cold, harsh weather. The market is filled with season-appropriate pet clothing and accessories like raincoats and festive costumes to help your pet stand out from the crowd. Like, at World Class Costumes, we offer the best range of holiday pet costumes for festivals and celebrations like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween day, themed birthday parties, and more.
The blog aims to help pet owners with practical tips before they head out to the brick-and-mortar or online costume store for their furry friends.

Points to consider before choosing a pet outfit

  • Physique: Smaller or leaner dogs don't have fat storage; therefore, choosing a costume that covers them in non-colder season is acceptable. They might require more insulating layers in winters to prevent them from the cold.
  • Coat thickness: Thick coats mean better protection on windy days. Our Gold Sequin Tie Pet Costume can be an ideal choice if you plan a themed birthday for your Golden Retriever pup before winter. This will help your dog look like a rockstar and keep in comfort.
  • Age: Most aging pets are drowned with arthritis and low health. It is better not to overwhelm them with heavy accessorizing in festive seasons like Christmas. Instead, owners can look for something like our Light Up Christmas Tree Hat that will keep them comfortable and feel involved in the event.
The pet's body temperature depends on the pet's breed, size, coat, and age, which should be considered while shopping for holiday pet costumes. Remember to cover your fur buddy in proper insulation when the temperature takes a dip to keep them from catching a cold.

Selecting costumes that match your pet's silhouette

No two dog breeds are similar or can not fit well in a single outfit. For instance, a dog overall with deep arm cuts can't be worn by a 2-year-old German Shepherd and Chihuahua. To find the best fit for your pet, use the following guidelines:
  • Take measurements of the neck, the widest area of the chest, and the distance between the waist and neck.
  • It is recommended to measure till the waist and not beyond that because any further from the waist area will create a hassle for them for toileting.
  • Some measurement guides also ask for a pet's weight; therefore, it is imperative to be ready with the information before making the purchase.

Don't forget to pair the costume with comfortable boots!

Investing in an appropriate pair of dog boots is always a good idea to prevent accidental slips, injuries, and exposure to toxic contaminants. Additionally, boots ensure your pet's paws are kept clean and hygienic even after taking several outdoor tours.
Many pet costumes come with paw covers like our Rubie's Turkey Dog Costume, which is ideal for a thanksgiving party!

Lastly, buy a good-fit pet costume!

The idea is to ensure that your pet should be able to make free movements, especially around the neck, legs, and abdomen area. Double check if the costume can be put on and removed easily. Good fit outfits allow optimum flexibility, eventually making your pet happy.

Final Words

Holidays call for celebration for everyone, including your pets; after all, even they deserve to look good in holiday family pictures. Do your pets a favor and get them event-appropriate costumes. Explore our website to find the perfect holiday pet costume, women pumpkin costume, and more.

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